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Associates at flooring companies wear different hats. They assist in designing an important aspect of a customer’s house. Installers also enter and work within a customer’s home. This process can either be intrusive and stressful or fun and exciting. Outstanding service drives the customer experience in a positive direction.

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1.) Prioritize Customer Relations Over Singular Sales

When interacting with customers, think in the long term. Never coerce someone into buying a product they don’t really want/need. Instead, make sure customers leave knowing they have received quality advice. Satisfied customers will come back and purchase more products in the future.

2.) Admit Mistakes

If you’ve made a mistake, own up to it. A meaningful apology will ease tensions with customers. After apologizing, make an effort to remedy the situation. Being stubborn and accusatory is the easiest way to lose customers.

3.) Follow Through on Promises

Customers are looking for a business they can trust. The simplest method of gaining trust is staying true to your word. Honor business promotions and deals. Show up on time. Would you want a flaky person in your own home installing your own floors?  Of course not!

4.) Know Your Stuff

Make sure your customers are getting the best information possible. Be knowledgeable in your product, the pros and cons of different flooring, your supply etc. Not knowing the answers to basic questions is unprofessional and disheartening to customers.

5.) Be Responsive

People don’t like to be kept waiting. Respond within the day to phone and email inquiries. Most people won’t wait around for a call back and will just take their business elsewhere. Also, make sure to offer assistance to customers immediately when they enter the store. Customers should never have to work hard to seek out help.

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6.) Be Pleasant

The experience of buying and installing floors can be  fun or a pain. You guide this process. Be enthusiastic, kind, and efficient. You don’t want to be responsible for adding stress into a customer’s life. Be someone who a customer wouldn’t mind spending a few hours with.

7.) Be Grateful

Your customers had the choice to go to any flooring company and they chose yours. Be thankful! Make sure that your customers know you appreciate and cherish their business.

Great customer service isn’t an exact formula. Utilize these tips and tricks to leave your customers satisfied and excited to return in the future.

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